Kevin Farrell’s PULP
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PULP: a 230 page complete and original graphic novel of new 1940s period crime fiction from film illustrator, Kevin Farrell. Includes DIME CRIME: seven illustrated hard-boiled short stories presented in the style of the early adventure magazines.

In the early 1940s American northwest, a detective and a reporter investigate a murder and are caught in the deadly crossfire of rival mobsters locked in a vicious gang war.

Recommended for mature readers.

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Title: Kevin Farrell’s PULP
Author: Kevin Farrell
Genre: Crime Fiction
Trade Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Intruder Press (2019)
Copyright: © 2019 Kevin Farrell
Language: English and Japanese (with English subtitles)
ISBN 13: 978-1-7337306-0-0
Product Dimensions: approximately 6.6 x 10.25 x .60 inches
Product Weight: 22 ounces (1.6 pounds)


PULP Plot Summary

Craig Morrison, an insurance investigator, travels to the mountain town of Sternwood, Washington to find a missing colleague who was conducting policy work for The Stern Millworks Company, a large timber production operation currently being run by American mobsters Leo Benardi and Lance Mattocks.

Months earlier, The Stern Exports Seattle arm of the company came under examination by the F.B.I. for illegally shipping lumber to the Empire of Japan in violation of the U.S. embargo. The government probe caused a violent and acrimonious split between Lance Mattocks and Takashi Ito, his Japanese trade partner. Ito narrowly escaped arrest by fleeing to Japan.

Janet Chance, a newspaper reporter with The Seattle Register, arrives in Sternwood to interview Belinda Stern Mattocks, the Stern Company heiress and scandal-plagued socialite. Her unexpected return after roaming the globe for five years is a hot and exclusive story. Her future plans and relationship with separated husband, Lance Mattocks, are to be subjects of inquiry.

Ito clandestinely returns to the U.S. with a band of military commandos. He has a strategy to exact his revenge on Mattocks and Benardi and wrest control of the Stern Company holdings in the process.

Craig Morrison and Janet Chance accidentally meet in Sternwood as gang warfare erupts around them. The pair soon discover that they are also targets of both warring factions.



Illustrated original crime fiction stories included are “Big House”, “The Identification”, “Dirty Game”, “The Eraser”, “Mile High”, “The Third Man”, and “Motive”.